Today, the farmer is more and more committed to facing a set of adversities concerning the cultivation cycle. This is because there is a problem: The precariousness of agricultural and environmental conditions due to the breakdown of biological balances. The persistence of this imbalance over the years has further aggravated the situation. Environmental stresses, water imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or excesses, accumulations of inappropriate chemicals or pollutants brought to the soil and plants, new generation bacteria, born from the extreme use of chemistry, etc.


Today we reap the fruits of our mistakes, which have been induced only by the purpose of profit. Profit, at the expense of personal and planetary health. It is therefore necessary to change the vision and the way of working, also choosing specialized machineries like those of Peruzzo, for example a Puma flail mower. We need to consider agriculture in a much broader sense,. This is because the cultivation of agricultural products depends on the infinite interactions between the four elements: earth, water, air and sunlight. More and more must be done to protect agriculture.


We can speak of sustainable agriculture only when we conceive that plant and soil are closely linked to the environment. It is no longer on the front of defense and nutrition that agronomic interventions must be addressed. This is the old school. Today, the farmer must operate with a view of rebalance, because agriculture is environment and the environment is our future. A field has a boundary linked with its ownership and connected with the use of machineries like the flail mower Puma, but it is borderless in operational terms. In the end, the field is the planet.