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The 5 Autunnal Most Common Mistakes in the Lawn Care


During the Autumn and the Winter, if the lawn is not managed correctly, it will start to be weak, yellow, and thin, obliging us to do extraordinary maintenance during the Spring in order to try to recover the damage. Let’s see the 5 autunnal most common mistakes in the lawn care.


  1. Not using Potassium

It is the most frequent and also the most serious mistake. From about mid-October onwards, it is fundamental and very important to fertilize the lawn with a potassium-rich fertilizer. Potassium will help to fortify the plant and root structures.


  1. Cut the lawn too low

The height of the grass is an essential element. A classic mistake is to cut the lawn, maybe using a quad mowers, below 4 centimeters. It is better to increase the height of the grass a little.


  1. Keep the lawn dirty

Leaves, debris, and pine needles are enemies of lawn health as they diminish exposure to light, hinder gas exchanges and transpiration. In the months of October and November, in concomitance with the fall of the leaves, it is therefore necessary to clean up the lawn constantly every 2/3 days.


  1. Do not consider the danger that insects represent

To an inexperienced eye these damages seemed to be caused by fungal diseases, but in reality they can be caaused by the larvae of beetles and lepidopterans that cause extensive drying. The activity of these diabolic insects is not only during the Summer – as many can think – but it also lasts until Autumn.


  1. Leave the lawn grow up

One of the most classic mistakes that are made especially in Winter is not to cut the lawn, maybe with a quad mower, and allow it to reach improbable heights, sometimes even above 10/12 centimeters. At these heights, the turf inevitably weakens, is distorted, loses resistance and compactness. The lawn should always be cut if it exceeds 8/10 cm, even in Winter.