Machines for public and sports green maintenance

The Art of Lawn Maintenance


Sometimes we can be anguished because the grass does not grow uniformly. Germination is actually influenced by a thousand small natural factors. Even when everything is prepared perfectly, when you use the right seeds, when you create a seed bed with soil and when you distribuite a suitable fertilizer, it may happen that some areas do not germinate sufficiently.


In these cases, we have to be patient. We need to wait at least three cuts in order to give the time to all the blades of grass to be born and strengthened and to catch up with those stronger and more developed that have found the ideal condition for growth.


Any operation done before this time is a real violence to the lawn, a stress that the fragile young grass would not be able to bear. Furthermore, to ensure good grass growth, it is important to keep the lawn totally clean. And in these cases, a leaf vacuum by Peruzzo is a valid help. This machine allows to clean places where is not posible to enter with other equipment. Moreover, this leaf vacuum machine can be placed on truck sides or mounted on tractor 3 points linkage.


So, thanks to the help that Peruzzo gives us, relax and enjoy your lawn.