Machines for public and sports green maintenance



The motorized mower of Peruzzo is used for cutting grass, small shrubs and for verticut on grass. Designed for rear application on QUAD or ATV bikes. This machine is equipped with Honda petrol engines and a centrifugal pulley that protects the engine from efforts due to sudden slowdowns from the cutter shaft. For the towing,  Peruzzo has designed a 160-degree folding rudder that can be moved to the right or left of the street. The mower has a cutting width of 120cm and a total width of 185cm. The mower have a shaft with many knives allowing a high shredding of the grass by performing an excellent mulching. For the amount of knives and the high rotation it performs a good grass cut and uniform distribution in the back. The cutting height is performed by means of the rear roller by moving the appropriate bolts or with the side wheels by means of an easily adjustable lever.

It can use various knives including: “Y” for mulcing cutting on low or high grass, linear cutting with the blade, cutting tall grass and small shrubs with the bribe or verticat with the vertical blade. It has very resistant toothed belts with easy tensioning pulley.

Are you searching for the perfect ATV/Quad mower? Peruzzo does have it! Put you in contact with the team and they will be happy to advice you.