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Mowers on average have a life cycle of six years but your flail mow can last much longer with the right care and the right attention. Simple and regular maintenance can save you money for repairs or for buying a new machine.


Clearing the ground of any stakes, bricks and other obstacles is the first method to protect your flail mower from premature death, since hitting foreign objects with the blade is a very common way of destroying these machines. Here’s what else you can do to safeguard your lawn mow and make it last:


  • Check that the oil level is at maximum or close to the maximum limit. Add if necessary but do not overfill. An insufficient amount of oil can damage the engine; even an excessive amount of it can leave parts unlubricated due to the creation of air bubbles.
  • Combine gasoline and two-stroke engine oil respecting the proportions indicated in the machine’s instruction manual.
  • Wash or scrape off old debris from the bottom of the cutting deck immediately after each job. In this way the residues will not dry out, allowing an easier cleaning. The encrusted residues can compromise the mulching and the collection and they can also corrode the metal.
  • Check the starter cable of your lawn mower and replace it, if it is worn.
  • Check the power cord of your lawn mow with an electric motor and replace it, if there are any cracks or it is damaged.
  • Sharpen all the blades. The blades should be sharpened at least once each season of use.