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A professional flail mower is used for an excellent grass cut. This is aimed for greenkeepers and professional contractors whom perform cutting, verticut, and collection in one pass and millimeter cutting and aeration height adjustments.


Peruzzo has developed a particular model of professional flail mower, namely the “Panther“. The peculiarity of this flail mower is the excellent quality of cut due to the patented Peruzzo knives which allow superb maintenance to be carried out even in football or golf fields.


The shredders of the professional flail mower “Panther“ have a quick knife change system and a system of internal openings that facilitate the maintenance operator even with the machine resting on the ground. Finally the rear roller helps to level the grassed surface giving a regular appearance and compacting to the ground thus performing four operations in one pass.


Various accessories are available that make this model very professional, including the roller brush to prevent the deposit of cut grass clumps in sports fields, long-lasting Hardox verticut knives, exhaust pipe closures or transport wheels in case of use of light tractors.

If you want to know more about it, just contact Peruzzo right now.