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Professional wood shredders are machines specially designed for shredding and milling wood and vegetable waste.  Examples of shredded waste materials may include: pallets, tree trunks, staves, hardwoods, veneers, conifers, chipboard, railway sleepers, other woodworking and mixed carpentry waste. In addition, the wood waste resulting from its processing can come in different shapes and sizes, from fine dust to wood chips, to large lumps, to linear boards or residues from veneer production. Also the harvest of plant waste, especially any kind of tree leaves, branches and all kinds of thin stems and pruning plants can be carried out by these machines.



Professional chippers and shredders also transform non-woody debris from plants and weeds (which are not sprouted) into green mulch rich in nutrients, which can be added to flowerbeds and heaps of compost, and produce wood chips from branches and bushes. But digging into the world of shredders and chippers can be overwhelming. What power should it have? What capacity will you need? Is electric better than gas powered? The key to finding the right model for your needs is to answer these questions.




Whatever your woodworking needs, Peruzzo will have the right solutions to satisfy your requests. The company, in fact, produces a wide range of robust shredders tested for the reduction of wood, timber, wooden pallets and wood recycling. It consists of hammers shredders, and offers a wide range of models ideal for destroying vegetable waste. These professional wood shredders find their ideal use in waste deposits, in ecological centers or in private companies. Using a professional shredder means, above all, reducing the amount of waste and its processing time.