Machines for public and sports green maintenance

Branch shredder


The importance of branch shredding

Created to provide an ecological response to the demand for products for the autonomous disposal of organic waste in the garden, the shredders allow to shred branches and residues giving rise to material suitable for decomposition. In fact these debris of vegetable origin, crumbled, mixed and aerated, quickly decompose and turn into a substance similar to the earth: Fertile humus.

How to shred branches

After pruning, the large, leafy branches must be shredded before they can be used for compost. The shredders allow the branches and leaves to be cut into small pieces, so that they can be added to the pile of compost or spread on the ground in order to prevent weeds growing. The type of blade influences the probability of blocking the machine, the ease of use and the result of shredding. The risk of blockage is lower for machines that run slowly; these machines are also more pleasant to use.

Keep an eye on safety

The loading of the material to be shredded is almost always done automatically, through a straight or oblique funnel. Against possible risks during operation, Peruzzo has studied safety devices to stop the engine and prevent it from starting suddenly, as well as to avoid material leaks. In accordance with European regulations, measures have been developed to keep the decibels within acceptable levels. In order to ensure stability during work, this must always be done with great patience, common sense, and always keeping an eye on safety.