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A bale shredder has been designed to save you time and money when it comes to bedding and feeding livestock, typically in the case of labour intensive jobs. It is a device that serves for taking Bales and rip them apart. This material can then be used for different purposes. Bale shredders make feeding a bunch of animals quick and easy, without too much fatigue. It helps chop up feed that may be coarse or dusty.  Straw can be picked up in both loose form as well as Bale form, which is way easier to store. However, this form cannot be used for animal feeding purposes.

The bale shredder is literally an open-top box with wheels. In order to load it, it is necessary to use a different machine as it has no automatic mechanism. The bale shredder will not unload its material until it has approached a suitable point.

A bale shredder is a very specific machine used for specific purposes. If you think it will suits your need, contact the team of experts of Peruzzo, where a professionell will be happy to answer all your doubts and questions.