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Yes, exactly, you have read it right: Lawn care is a science. So, professionals in this field provide science-based solutions to maximize the lawn´s potential. Professionals in this field should specific courses and pass examinations about the laws, the effect on the environment, label limitations and other related topics. So, lawn care is a science and science-based are professional lawn care products.


There is no possibility to know, as no-professional, all the secrets that should be known about professional lawn care. Guesswork is therefore no good solution. This can lead to waste of time and also waste of money, because the lawn could be seriously damaged and could need a long, long, long – and in some cases expensive – recovery. In the end, the price you pay for professional lawn care products and for the technical advice and/or help of professionals can turn to a reasonable solution for your wallet.


The steps and products required for lawn caring are many:

  • Soil test;
  • Weed killer products;
  • Preemergent herbicides;
  • Organic fertilizers;
  • Mowing;
  • Watering;
  • Assessing the lawn.

Are you sure, you want to do all of this by yourself? The right help can bring out your lawn´s full potential. Peruzzo´s professional team is waiting for you.