Machines for public and sports green maintenance



A chipper or shredder is a machine used for reducing wood into smaller woodchips and used to reduce green waste normally for professional needs. Usually, they are portable, as they are mounted on wheels on frames suitable for towing behind a truck. They have an internal combustion engine, normally starting from 3 horsepower – 2.2 kW – up to 1,000 – 750 kW. Some models can also have a separate engine.
Today, we are going to know two particular machines produced by Peruzzo. Let´s have a look.


The chipper/shredder mod. T3 is used to reduce green waste for private or professional needs of small branches quantities each time of use (up to 8 m³/hour).
They are driven by a motor, electric or burst and they are robust machines that use the reduced chipper blade with branches up to 8 cm in diameter. Thanks to the robust hammer unit, they reduce the chips into small pieces.
The output chip size can be adjusted by means of perforated screens, of which 2 are standard and the other are on request depending on the use of wood chips. The chipper/shredder T3 unloads the shredded product directly to the ground, where usually a cloth is positioned for collection.


The chipper/shredder T5 with belt conveyer is a sturdy machine used to reduce green waste for professional needs. It uses a chipping disk to reduce branches up to 10 cm of diameter and a shredding hammer group for smaller branches up to 3 cm of diameter. The obtained biomass is useful for composting, providing wood boilers and producing briquettes or pellets.
The chipper/shredder T5 is produced with discharge conveyor belt up to 200cm in height. The conveyor belt is a safer method than usual throwing products, to bring the product in height in safety and helps the discharge of wet products without ever blocking the machine.