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The Dangers of Sowing the Lawn in April and May


Sowing a lawn in late Spring exposes it to a danger that could compromise the success of the lawn growth. The main problem is related to the fact that we are fully in the weed season. If the grass can not get thick before the arrival of the weeds, the lawn will be much less beautiful and strong. So, how can we avoid and limit this problem? Here are some very effective techniques:


  • Weed thoroughly

It is very important to weed the soil deeply before sowing it, doing the so called „fake sowing“. With this method, we will get rid of all the weeds for several weeks.


  • Speed up the growth of the grass

The second element to be put into practice is to try to speed up the growth of the grass as much as possible. To do this, we can choose particularly rapid seeds in germination.


  • Fertilizer

Germination and growth can be further improved by using a good seed bed and distributing a fertilizer with a high phosphorus content.


  • Irrigation

Keep in mind that a good lawn also depends on the correct irrigation, in particular the soil should be constantly humid for at least 10/15 days. In practice, it involves wetting it with several times a day, until germination is complete, and then move to one or two irrigations a day until the first cut.


Once the lawn is grown properly thanks to these tips, using a Peruzzo flail mower collector „Panther“ will be a great help to keep it perfect for the rest of the year.