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A Feed Mixer: For What Purpose?


A feed mixer is an agricultural machine used to accurately weigh, mix and distribute food to ruminants. The use of this machine represents one of the most advanced animal feeding technologies. Peruzzo offers its customers different types of rised feed mixers.


Compared to traditional feeding, the use of a feed mixer favors a series of nutritional and managerial advantages. It:


  • reduces the selection capacity of the animal towards the most appetizing foods of the diet whose intake is diluted throughout the day
  • stimulates an increase in ingestion of dry substance
  • ensures more uniform and constant conditions of the ruminal environment in which there are no marked fermentation peaks and consequent drops in pH
  • limits the risk of metabolic disorders
  • allows the use of otherwise unattractive foods
  • reduces times and simplifies food preparation and distribution operations


All this leads to a status of greater well-being for the animal with a consequent better productive response. Moreover, the time saving in the preparation and distribution of the meal, linked to the simplicity of use and the safe operation of a feed mixer, have allowed a considerable increase in the farm’s efficiency.


Last but not least, choosing a feed mixer by Peruzzo represents a higher quality in the engineering of the machinery, as well as an attentive and kind customer support.