Machines for public and sports green maintenance



The flail mower model Fox is used for grass cutting on grass fields. Peruzzo offers four types of Mowers of the serie Fox:
– Flail Mower Fox
– Flail Mower Fox-S

– Self-propelled flail mower Motofox,
– Ditch Flail Mower Fox Cross.

The first one is designed to be mounted on light tractors with low HP power and with high PTO shaft linkage position. The second model has been designed for customers that desire a light flail mower with manual or hydraulic offset possibility. It also can be mounted on light tractors. The self-propelled model is used for grass cut and small branches shred and verticut/aeration on sport, municipality and agriculture fields. It has to be mounted on rear side of Quad or ATV. This model is equipped with petrol Honda engine, rear roller and rear transport wheels of easy adjustment. Special feature of Peruzzo self propelled flail mower Motofox is the fine grass cutting due for the overlapping flails quantity and high flail shaft rpm rotation. The last model, the Ditch Flail Mower Fox Cross, is used for grass cutting and pruning cutting up to 4-5 cm of diameter. It is used most on municipality and agriculture fields to cut high grass, branches and bushes on banks, slopes, embankements, ditches or hedges. This model with its articulated arm with hydraulic movement, all controlled by the tractor seat, can move from the center of the tractor to a maximum 130 cm lateral extension, cutting easily grass on ditches or hedges.
If you would like to have more information about the features of every machine, just contact Peruzzo.