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Frog Flail Mower Maintenance Before the Winter


As said in our previous article, flail mowers on average have a life cycle of six years. Even the Flail Mower Frog by Peruzzo has this life span, but actually it can last much longer with the right care and the right attention, especially before Winter. Let’s see then which are the best tips for the flail mower Frog maintenance before Winter comes:


  • Add a stabilizer to the mower fuel tank at the end of the cutting season. Leave the engine running until all the fuel is consumed.
  • Remove the spark plug and pour 30 ml of oil into the cylinder. Slowly pull the starter cable to distribute the oil and avoid rust. Install the candle again.
  • Replace the spark plug every 100 hours of work, which corresponds to approximately every four years of work. Sharpen the blades well.
  • Replace the carburetor air filter if it is paper. Wash the foam filters with soap and water, rinse and squeeze them well, oil them with motor oil and squeeze them again until they are dry before installing them.
  • Replace the old engine oil in the Frog flail mower and then dispose of it properly in a collection center. Mowers with two-stroke engines do not need this operation because they burn less oil.
  • Fold the handlebar to save space and store the mower in a dry and ventilated place. If the floor is concrete, position the plastic under the machine to prevent moisture from corroding the cutting deck.


Now you know exactly what to do before Winter starts. In case of any doubt, just ask Peruzzo about its flail mower Frog and the team of specialists will be happy to help you.