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The Gardener’s Advice: When to Cut the Lawn


First of all: the lawn must be cut when dry! Cutting it when is wet will ruin it. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to choose when to cut the lawn … because often the “when” is dictated by the little time we have. Moreover, we can not control the weather. That said, it is undeniable that with any lawnmower, even with a John Deere flail one, the cut will have a better quality when the grass is dry. Let’s try then to understand how can we do, when we are not able to cut the lawn when dry.


  • Try to choose a moment when at least the ground is not muddy, ie. not immediately after a strong storm or after days and days of rain. The muddy ground makes the machine sinks and can damage the lawn.
  • Remember that the more a machine is of quality, the more it will be able to work well under extreme conditions, like for example the John Deere flail. Quality machines are generally better in their construction and are appreciated especially in difficult cutting conditions.
  • We don’t have to say that, but remember that with wet grass everything becomes more difficult. So, try to cut a smaller amount of grass. And if the forecast announces many rainy days, try to intensify the cuts and not wait unti the last moment.


In conclusion, cutting with wet grass is not recommended, but in periods with frequent rainfall, if you have a good machine you should not despair.