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Why Does My Land Not Produce?


Tired, unproductive, and biologically sterile agricultural lands, erosion and degradation, crops that produce little and poor food both from an organoleptic and nutritional point of view. The above is a description of the symptoms of the agriculture of our time!


The causes of soil fatigue are varied and disparate – pollution, intensive agriculture, deep processing, excessive use of chemical synthesis products, etc. Since the 1960s, there has been a slow but inexorable biological decline of the soil, because we all have forgotten the main function it must perform: Being the “home” of life. A „home” to welcome and sustainably support microorganisms and small useful animals.


And here the problems arise, because the cultivation cycles approached, which do not allow the restoration of the initial content of organic substance, which inexorably falls below critical levels. Moreover, we experience the continous use of machineries, like the reverse mulcher Bull. But we know that the market imposes its rules and the task of the farmer is to provide what it requires in the ways and times it establishes.


The farm in fact, today more than ever, needs technical advice given by high professionals like those of Peruzzo, who have specific competence and, above all, love for the land. The purpose of the technician should be to improve the quality of the soil and, therefore the quality of life for all of us. One of the aspects is for example to give useful advice about the machines to use. An optimal choice could be the reverse mulcher Bull. It is a question of providing a service, also from a moral and ethical point of view, which is free from merely commercial choices. Just ask Peruzzo.