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Myths and facts about Mulching and Mulching Mowers


Everyone who is dealing with grass care and gardening will know for sure the meaning of mulching, recycling, and bio clipping. Easy to explain: they simply signify to return nutritiens of great value to a lawn. This thanks to specialized mowers. This technique differentiates itself from that of „blanket mulching“ used to block the growth of weeds in flower beds thanks to wood chips or other similar methods.
There are a lot of different and opposite opinions regarding mulching and the best way to do it. Therefore, there is a lot of confusion about it. Let’s put some orders between these conflicting ideas.

First, what is mulching?

Mulch mowing is a lawn care system that returns grass clippings to the soil, producing mulch that decomposes and gives valuable nutrients to the lawn. Mulching mowers help doing this job and there is no need to use chemical fertilizers to mantain a healthy lawn. The perfect time for mulching is by drier weather.

Why is mulching a good practice?

Mulching is good for your yard, since it has been scientifically estimated that grass clippings can provide on average up to 25% of fertilizer requirements. Mulching is also good for the environment, since it keeps grass clippings out of the organic waste disposal sites. Last but not least, mulching is good for you, since it takes less time than bagging and if you live where extra fees to landfill are charged, you can save money.
Moreover, despite the common belief that mulching promote the buildup of thatch, the truth is completely the opposite. Proper mulching maintains thatch accumulation down.
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