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Peruzzo chipper


What is it and what is a chipper for?

A chipper is a machine that is used in the field of gardening in order to reduce the wood into small pieces. The material that is produced can measure from a minimum of one centimeter to a maximum of seven centimeters. The wood chips produced in this way can be used for a wide variety of applications. For example as a fuel or, alternatively, for the production of panels or paper at an industrial level.

The power of a chipper

The working capacity of a chipper varies, as you can imagine, depending on its power and size. Peruzzo offers its clients a lot of different chippers to choose from. The hobby models allow to work benches characterized by a diameter of a few millimeters, while the industrial models are able to intervene even on whole plants thanks to hundreds of kW of power.

How does a chipper work?

The main reason for referring to the wood chips is to be found in the fact that it is possible to contain it in silos. That’s why it can be produced and kept available to virtually anyone with a garden. For the wood chips to be optimal, it is necessary that their humidity level is not too high, since with the increase in the amount of water there is a reduction in the energy content of the wood. The chippers can be used without problems with any type of wood species. Peruzzo chippers have also other interesting characteristics, just contact the staff of experts to know more about it.