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In general. we can talk about five main factors to consider when choosing our professional leaf shredder. These are: the cutting characteristic, the motor, the performances, the practicality of use and the transportability. Let’s see them in more detail.




The cutting characteristics are certainly the first factor to take into consideration. It will therefore be necessary to evaluate together both the system used and the speed of the cut. There are at least three types of cutting system: the turbine system, the roller system and the blade system.

Closely related to the cutting system, the engine performance tells us a lot about the quality of our shredder. In this case the characteristics to be taken into consideration will be the type of power supply, the engine power and its noise level.
The performances that the shredder is able to provide are obviously not to be underestimated, because obviously the uses that can be made depend on them.

Even if it does not fall within the basic technical characteristics, the practicality of use of a product is an important factor to take into consideration. A product with excellent technical specifications, but extremely inconvenient will hardly encourage us to use it.

Being machines to be used in the garden, transportability is also an important factor, because it affects the mobility of our shredder and the simplicity with which we can move it, for example if we have a very large garden.





There are also other possible factors to keep in mind when choosing our professional leaf shredder, for example the material. The vast majority of shredders on the market have an external structure in plastic materials. In this case, in fact, plastic offers various advantages as it is economical, light and at the same time resistant. It is important to avoid overloading the structure using materials that are more resistant, but also heavier.
Shredders exist in every price range, from those exceeding € 350 to those of low price range between 100 and € 200: the price is indicative of some features of the product.
Being machines that provide a minimum level of danger, given the presence of sharp elements in movement, it is certainly advisable to always turn to reliable brands, which are often a guarantee of quality.
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