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Puma flail mower


Instructions for the maintenance of the flail mower

The flail mower is a tool that helps you to keep weeds and shredded debris clean. In this way, their volume is reduced to allow its fastest degradation and burying. A nice machine, yes, like the Puma flail mower by Peruzzo, but it needs some maintenance.

Maintenance is divided into two types: ordinary and exceptional. Ordinary maintenance is performed daily or even more than once during a working shift, and includes lubrication, cleaning and visual inspection. Extraordinary maintenance is done less often, and it is not always possible to define exact intervals because they are very different depending on the job.

Ordinary maintenance: The lubrication

The lubrication should normally be done every eight working hours. This is important to preserve the components of the tool and to reduce power losses. A non-oiled component causes more friction, lower efficiency and faster deterioration and can even lead to overheating of the machine.

Exceptional maintenance: Exchange of tools

It may happen that you want to change the tools of the flail mower, because you want to mount better ones for the work that has to be done or because they are simply worn out or broken. This is possibly the most difficult maintenance process.

However, the Puma flail mower by Peruzzo is a durable, strong, and resistant machine. Therefore, by choosin this flail mower, you will surely have few problems. Ask Peruzzo for more information and you will not regret it.