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How to Remove the Leaves from the Garden


The best way to remove leaves from the lawn is…to pay another person to do it for you! Just joking! Apart from this system, there are three other options for removing leaves from the garden:


  • By hand, using a rake.
  • Using a leaves vacuum with turbo debris loader – like the model of Peruzzo for example
  • Using a leaves vacuum on wheels


Regardless of the method you use, to remove the leaves from the garden, it is important to act promptly. Don’t wait for the leaves to begin the decomposition process.


The leaves vacuums, especially those with turbo debris loader, are machines developed specifically for the removal of leaves from the lawn and the garden. In a short time it is possible to accumulate the leaves in a precise place or it is possible to aspirate and shred them. For medium-large gardens, it is useful to purchase a leaves vacuum. The prevailing period of use of this machine is clearly Autumn, but it is useful throughout the year. For instance, many evergreens renew the foliage in Spring and in Summer. It can also suck up withered flowers and various residues.


If you are considering the purchase of a leaves vacuum with turbo debris loader to remove leaves from the lawn or the garden, I suggest you to contact a team of professionals like that of Peruzzo. For instance, they will be able to answer every doubt and question you have.