Machines for public and sports green maintenance



In order to shredder a biomas, it is required a focus on high throughput, low cost, and low maintenance. A biomass shredding system is required for most biomass power plants to reduce the organic feedstock to a size suitable for the boiler.
Peruzzo´s shredders are suited for both agricultural and forestry industry. Moreover, they allow customisation, in ordert o optimise the efficiency of the machine to the different environments.



Every shredder should suit the different characteristics required, like the output sizes; therefore, there is not just one type of shredder on the market and Peruzzo also offers different type of machines for its clients.
In some cases, a single large shredder can be the best solution, in order to process 100% of the biomass. In other cases, however, the best solution is to use multiple smaller shredders that have the benefit of spreading breakdown risk and are easier to maintain.


Peruzzo has developed chippers and shredders for every need. Just have a look at its catalogue, read the details and find the machine for your needs. In case of doubts or questions, Peruzzo´s team of experts is available and will answer happily, in order to help you make the perfect choice. Do not hesitate to ask.