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Which Size for a Lawn Mower?


The mowers differ mainly due to the size of the blade. The length of the blade does not correspond to the width of the mower because, in addition to the blade, there is the encumbrance of the frame or other protruding parts. The width of the blade determines the surface that can be cut with a movement; in short, the width of the cutting. Naturally, the larger the blade is, the faster you will cut your lawn. Even in this case, however, pay attention not only to the size, but also to the characteristics of your lawn in order to choose the ideal size:


  • Are there narrow passages? Measure the size in order to see if the mower, like the flail mower Scorpion of Peruzzo, fits.
  • Are there many obstacles? In this case, a smaller mower is more manageable.


Whatever the case, the flail mower „Scorpion“ by Peruzzo can be an optimal choice. This mower is engineered to be mounted on light tractors. The front flail mower „Scorpion“ is also available with an hydraulic engine suitable for light tractors. The experts of Peruzzo will be happy to answer all your questions and show you that the flail mower “Scorpion“ is the best choice.