Machines for public and sports green maintenance

The Benefits of Mulching


The term mulching refers to the process of covering the soil with fragments of grass that, instead of being picked and removed, are released onto the lawn, where they quickly decompose, forming a rich natural fertilization.


The main benefits of mulching are:


  • An attractive and lush garden or lawn. The nutrients and moisture contained in the fragments of grass are released into the lawn, nourishing it.
  • Time saving. No more interruptions and fatigue to empty the collection basket and transport it to special collection points or landfills.
  • Environmental value and money saving. When you mowe and pick up and remove the fragments of grass, you deprive your lawn of 1/3 of nutrients. The removed plant tissue contains the nutrients deposited when you have applied the fertilizer. It is therefore a waste of money and precious nourishment. Using mulching technology can recover up to 25-30% of the fertilizer you applied by reducing the amount of additional fertilizer to be applied in the future.


The self propelled flail mower „Motofox“ by Peruzzo is the perfect machine that can be used for mulching. It is equipped with petrol Honda engine, rear roller, and rear transport wheels easy adjustable. It can be used on sport, municipality, as well as agriculture fields. Curious about it? Just ask Peruzzo and its team of experts will be happy to answer you.