The Peruzzo’s Chipper Model Tirex shredder has a sturdy structure with a 30mm disc diameter of 620 mm, so it is very compact. Thanks to the electronically controlled feeding system, the cut will be very fine and will therefore produce very small end products. The chipper Tirex is adjustable by hydraulic dispenser and can be used as mulching or composting.

The Tirex chipper is equipped with two hydraulic feed rollers on vertical vibration, which facilitate the insertion of the nozzle even with several branches and produce a uniform wood chips of 1 or 2 cm in length. The Tirex chipper is therefore a compact but robust machine that offers the best value for money and adapts to the most demanding service technicians. This machine can have an electric or diesel engine.

To know if the Tirex chipper from Peruzzo is the perfect machine for your needs, contact the Peruzzo expert team. They will gladly describe in detail all the characteristics of this extraordinary machine, which can be used for various purposes and shreds branches up to 17 mm thick. Curious? Simply contact Peruzzo!