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How to choose the proper Chipper Shredder


Chipper shredders are heavy-duty tools that help reducing yardwaste. One machine has actually two functions: the chipping one transforms tree branches into chips, while the shredding one turns leaves and plants into pieces. All wood chips and yard waste have the same size, which is good for the compost.

How to choose the best machine for you

In order to choose the best machine for your needs, you have to consider the following aspects:

  • The power of the machine – engine horsepower – and shredder RPMs (revolutions-per-minute). More horsepower means of course greater capability.
  • Number of blades – if the machinery has more blades, it will be more efficient;
  • Reduction ration – the efficiency of the machine. If for example, we have a 5:1 rations, it means that 5 bags of yardwaste will be lowered to one bag.
  • Chipper capacity. The largest diameter branches that the chipper can contain.

Moreover, you have to consider the following details, too:

  • The size of the branches you are going to shred
  • How often you will use the machine
  • Last but not least, the available budget.

In general, gas powered machines are the most powerful – and also the most expensive – and they do not need a power source, contrary to electric chipper shredder machineries. On the other hand, electric tools are better for the environment, are much quieter, and are easier to maintain.

Ask our team of experts

In order to choose the machine that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to ask our team of experts. They will provide you with all information and they will guide you through the decision making process. All our machines are designed and developed by a specialized team using modern three-dimensional computing software and rigid tests are carried out in order to obtain the CEE certifications required by the market. We are sure, you will find the perfect chopper shredder machine by Peruzzo.