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WALK BEHIND MOWER : The First Lawn Cut in Spring


With the rise oft he temperatures during the Spring, it is time to face the first cut of the season. Here are some golden rules to understand when to cut and how much to cut, also using a walk behind mower:


  • Wait until the grass has reached 7cm in height;
  • It is advisable to respect the rule not to remove more than 30% of the vegetation present. If, for example, the grass has reached 7 cm, it should be brought to about 5 cm after the first cut.
  • As the temperatures increase, the grass will grow faster and in order to maintain the 4 cm, we will have to increase the cutting frequency. That’s why it is advisable, in Spring and in Summer, to increase the cutting frequency until you get to cut twice a week in order to maintain the height.
  • The blades of the walk behind mower, as well as every other type of mower, have to be sharp.


These are the golden rules for lawn cut in Spring. However, remember that the lawn must still be maintained and cut throughout the whole year. Just read our other articles in order to know how to deal with it properly during every season.