Machines for public and sports green maintenance



Many years of experience, materials and technologies of the latest generation, qualified personnel, patents and awards: this is the world of Peruzzo srl. But how did this company reach a leading role in the world market? Founded in 1959, it was one of the first companies to understand the modern maintenance, aiming to achieve high quality standards. Research and technological innovation are always aimed at maximum customer satisfaction and these have constantly characterized the company’s development. Today the company has consolidated its sales network throughout the country and in the main countries of the world with about 50 importers and it exports 60% of its production.


Peruzzo srl and its production process


Since 1959, Peruzzo Srl meticulously follows all the phases of the production process. This attention is aimed at guaranteeing a first class construction quality. The design, research and development of products is done using modern three-dimensional calculation software. The design of the machine is the result of a meticulous work by the technical office. Once designed, the real ‘birth’ of the Peruzzo product takes place. The sheet is machined and welded using robots of extreme precision. The various stages of the process are carried out scrupulously by qualified personnel and at the end quality controls are carried out in compliance with strict standards for an optimal product.

The new Blog


From today opens this blog entirely dedicated to the world of Peruzzo and its products and services, in which you will find information of interest not only for professionals but also for customers. Read on then … Welcome to Peruzzo Srl!