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A hammer mill can grind different materials with different coarseness, but is mainly used in the comminution of strongly heterogeneous material mixtures.

The comminution of the ground material is done by the kinetic impact and impact crushing. A rotor rotates in a metal housing, on the outer circumference of which an application-specific number of movable steel hammers are mounted. The rotor is usually driven directly by a motor and is housed with the hammers in a housing that contains a sieve inside. When entering the circle of the rotor, the material to be ground meets the rotating hammers. The impact of the hammers achieves the greatest shredding effect.

Further comminution takes place by impact in the lower area between rotor and grinding wall. The regrind remains in the grinding chamber until it is so small that it fits through a perforated sieve on the outer circumference of the machine.



Hammer mills are used as grain and feed mills, in the food industry, for shredding wood waste, plastic waste, etc. When used in the recycling industry, the focus is on smashing material mixtures rather than on shredding. The advantage lies in the comminution of the different material mixtures, as a precursor to a subsequent sorting.

When used in a coal power plant coal, lime and gypsum minerals and minerals and salts are crushed. In the wood pellet industry, hammer mills are used to grind sawmill by-products such as sawdust, shavings and industrial chippings, and from this the fuel is made into wood pellets.



Peruzzo has made for its customers an electric hammer mill, called Milly. Milly has a galvanized steel knife, mounted on legs or containers of 50-liter plastic flours.
This electric hammer mill differs from the competitors by its robust 1,2kW single-phase power engine that ensures long-lasting work performance, high hammer rotation. It is suited for grinding small quantity of flours for feeding few chickens, cows or pigs.
For alimentary purposes can grind sugar, salt or others granular products.
The electric hammer mill by Peruzzo is the only small mill that can produce very fine flour with 0.6 mm diameter screens for human consumption.