Machines for public and sports green maintenance



The wood crusher machine or woodchipper is a machine that is used for reducing wood into smaller chips. They can be portable, mounted on wheels, behind a truck or van. There are also high-powered models with a separate engine. These models usually also have a hydraulic crane.


These machines generally consist of a hopper with collar and an optional collecting bin for woodchips. A tree branch is inserted into the hopper and starts in the chipping mechanism. The chips come out through a slide and can be directed into a container, which can be either mounted on a truck or on the ground. The typical output is a piece from 2 to 5 cm in diameter. These woodchips can be used differently, for example as ground cover.


Peruzzo offers its clients a wide range of models of wood crusher machines among which everyone can choose the one that suits his needs. Wood crusher machines with ground discharge or with belt discharge, chipper shredder or chipper Comby. Every machine has its own features and its own advantages, just contact Peruzzo and the team will be happy to advice you in the best way.